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Information for Presenters

Equipment provided for your presentation (except for poster presentations)

  • Video projector with speakers
  • HDMI cable and power for laptop connections (note that you must provide your OWN LAPTOP)
  • Projection screen
  • Adaptors for VGA, USB-C, Mini DisplayPort

Dress for the Conference

Business, Casual, or Aloha attire.

Format of Presentations:

Paper sessions will consist of three to four presentations in a 90 minute session. The session will be divided equally between the presentations.

Workshop presenters will be given a full 90 minute session.

Panel sessions will last 90 minutes and it is the presenters’ choice how that time is split between panelists.

Poster sessions will last 90 minutes and consist of a large group of presenters. Poster sessions allow attendees to speak with the presenters on a one-to-one basis. If you are scheduled for a poster session, the following supplies will be provided to present your research on:

  • Tri-fold display board (48 x 36 inches)
  • Markers
  • Push pins
  • Clips

Roundtable Discussions 
will last 90 minutes and give the presenter an opportunity to speak with 2-3 audiences as follows:

  • Each presenter in a roundtable session will be assigned a table number which will be listed in the program.
  • Attendees will be able to select any table.
  • Presenters will have 25 minutes to lead a discussion with attendees.
  • After the 25 minutes, attendees will have 5 minutes to select a new table.
  • No audio-visual equipment will be provided for these sessions. They are meant to be discussions, not presentations.