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Information for Presenters

Format of Presentations:

Virtual Paper sessions will last 30 minutes in total (including time for questions and answers).

Virtual Roundtable sessions will last 30 minutes in total (including time for questions and answers).

Virtual Workshop presenters will be given a full 90 minute session.

Virtual Panel sessions will last 90 minutes and it is the presenters’ choice how that time is split between panelists.

Zoom Presentation Details:

If you are a presenter, the following steps will make your presentation go smoothly. 

  1. Download the Zoom Client For Meetings on your computer, or laptop.  Download directly from Zoom here.
  2. Though it is possible to make a presentation with your tablet or smartphone via the Zoom App, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the desktop client on your computer or laptop... especially if you are new to Zoom.
  3. Test your webcam and microphone to make sure they are both in working order.
  4. Be sure you are in a quiet area free of outside noises or distractions when making your presentation.  

Presenters and co-presenters will receive an email (to the email address you submitted while making your submission) invitation to their specific presentation(s) with a direct link to their session.  This link will give you access as a presenter, and should NOT BE SHARED with anyone... any co-presenters will receive their OWN personalized email/link inviting them to the session.  

Presentations will begin and end automatically and on time (Hawaiian Standard Time).  Please be prepared and ready at your scheduled time, keeping in mind any time differences.  Simply click the link in the presenter invitation email at the scheduled time and your presentation will begin.  

Most presenters will likely use PowerPoint or Keynote to make presentations. This is easily accomplished by using the Share Screen function in the meeting controls after your session has started.  Participants will then see your entire screen as if they were sitting at your computer.  Once your screen is shared, simply start your slideshow as you normally would.  For full details on sharing screens and other content directly on Zoom, click here. (recommended for those unfamiliar with using Zoom)