Google for Education Pre-Conference Workshop


$199, Including Certification Vouchers

As you prepare for HICE this year, start your conference off right with a shot of innovation and creativity at the official HICE Google for Education Pre-Conference Workshop!

Your education context: it's January 2nd, and we're preparing for 2017! What is your educational goal at your institution this year? We'll set goals for education and technology and tailor the event to your needs!

  • Google for Education: Hands-on exploration of real-world curricular topics and templates and examples with:
  • Google Drive: Docs, Drawings, Sheets, Slides, and more!
  • Google Maps and Geo Education
  • Google Classroom
  • Gmail and Calendar
  • Chromebooks, Tablets, and the 1:1 Classroom
  • Virtual Reality in the Classroom
  • Google for Education Certification Exams
  • Google for Education Community
  • Next steps: how to become a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator and joining the online community

All attendees receive a Google bag, a copy of the "Google Apps Guidebook," and their own virtual reality viewer!